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SAVED LIST: Fractured Fairy Tales

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Digging into my Saved List on Instagram and rounding up my latest style inspiration I realized there is a new theme that has been on my mind lately: fractured fairy tales.

In the last edition SAVED LIST: Meta Fashion Mood, I was exploring an undercurrent of curiosity towards the amalgamation of tech and fashion in the futuristic and virtual, Metaverse. I use my Saved List on Instagram as a mood board and as a place to capture inspiration for style and unique narratives. It is my goal to use as little AI imagery possible on this site other than if the subject matter is to discuss the technology and it's impact on the creative industry and artists. Any images that are rendered by AI are noted as such.

Now, as Fall 2023 is fast approaching, thoughts are occupied by the beginning of the fashion year, sparking a sense of fantasy (or panic, if you happen to actually work in the industry).

In any case, the cooler season evokes a quieter, darker, dream-state and with it a renewed sense of imagination, but maybe now with some new rules . Myths, and character archetypes have been fragmented, adjusted to our new selves.

My current Saved List on Instagram reflects the fractured fairytales, dreams, and the ethereal wonderland we've sewn together. The ear jewelry shown by uncover.ww, that also happens to block out sound, hints at our need for quiet and solitude, to go into ourselves, to be transgressive, and also express eternal beauty.

Aesthetic themes cross wispy, tufted, voluminous other-worldly allure with glossy, high-contrast concepts, quite a few of them being spectacular magazine covers from Vogue Arabia and Vogue Italia. An air of division consequently brings attention and importance to new parts previously severed or diminished, providing a space that highlights the future, bringing back to fashion that familiar sense of wonder, powerfully composed.



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