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SOCIAL BITE | BUDAPEST: Daniel Horvath....loves KHAN

Updated: Feb 10

Bearded in Budapest. Model, food journalist, and street style photographer Daniel Horvath is everywhere you want to be.

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Budapest, Hungary is not known for its love of the almighty beard, nonetheless in its midst lives the bearded model, journalist, and photographer Daniel Horvath, killing the beard game.

Exquisitely dressed, this dandy doesn't just strut. You've probably already spotted him during London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks or during Pitti Uomo, snapping up street style as a contributing fashion photojournalist and ambassador for brands like Olympus.

When this triple threat isn't focused on fashion, he's a regular contributor and critic for Dining Guide Hungary's top source for restaurant reviews and news. Hint: Google Translate will be your friend.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite or a little treat when you’re on the go in Budapest?

KHAN. It’s in the XIII. District in Budapest. It the artist-y kinda snobbish area but I love it. Close to the Danube river with trees. Close to the city center but a calm, quieter, warm and welcoming area.

What do you get there? It's Asian food. I love Asian food. I usually do my meetings there, business or personal. The sweet potatoes are a MUST! I order sweet potatoes every time - OH, and the wonderful Khan lemonade.

Why is it so good? Both the design and the food are amazing. Run by a team of fashion designers, Anh Tuan who is a well known leather bag designer along with two of his friends. They do it with passion. They are great cooks themselves so you will see them cooking as well.

Because of their artistic background they touch the whole concept with a great taste. From the chairs, to the lamps, plates and the food.

I am a vintage guy. I love food and leather, and the restaurant uses a lot of these. It is also not a big restaurant so I really like the atmosphere.

When is the best time to go? Lunch or during afternoon. Dinner is good but you need to make a reservation because they are full every night. So really hard to get in.

How did you find this place? I've followed them since their first restaurant called SAO. Because I am also a food blogger and do restaurant reviews for magazines I know what happening in the city. When they opened their first restaurant I was one of the first who wrote a review about them. Then when they announced their next restaurant KHAN I was also one of the first who went there to try it because I love them.


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