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SOCIAL BITE | Immaculate Ruemu....loves B.good Cafe.

Updated: Feb 10

The bird that cooks: Chef Immaculate Ruemu is a Michelin-trained chef that staged and worked in London and Florence, before coming to Milan where she consults, creates recipes, and is the Food Editor for the popular digital fashion magazine, All The Pretty Birds by Tamu McPherson, a creative director and influencer in fashion.

| TikTok: chefimmaculateruemu | Pinterest: immaculateruemu

While busy creating content for her new project "Living Demeanour" and writing, she remains focused and loyal to her true passion: cooking. You'll still find Chef Ruemu working in the crews of some of the best restaurants around Milan - so you never know, she might be cooking for you one night.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite (boccone) or a little treat when you’re on the go?

I'm a tea lover so a treat for me is a nice cup of matcha or chai from B.good cafe. Although i'm not a "grab a bite" kinda girl, more of a "pack lunch" type (haha) or a seat in and enjoy lunch type; on the occasions when I do want to grab a quick bite I've often would pop into the kebab spot down the road from me.

What do you get there?

Matcha Cappucino or Spicy chai from B.good cafe and a spicy 'piadina' kebab from this Turkish kebab spot.

Why is it so good?

There are not a lot of places that offer chai latte's in Milan, however, I love that B.good offers a variety of spice levels and often with a twist.

When is the best time to go?

I'd say between 9 and 10 am if you can. Before 9 is when is packed for the first morning rush hour, that's when students and workers grab their coffee just before work and classes. After 10 am and before noon is when most people have their coffee breaks so packed again. So if you want to escape the queue, 9 - 10 am is perfect, but if you enjoy the buzz go at the rush hours with friends or even make new friends.

How did you find this place?

During my first year at uni, my campus at that time was just a 5 minutes walk from B.good. I tried all the cafes around and B.good stood out to me and my peers.

BGOOD Milano

Via Antonio Tantardini, 8, Milano


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