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SOCIAL BITE | BEIRUT: Joanne Metni...loves Torino Express.

Updated: Feb 10

After studying and frequenting the legendary "serate" like Punks Wear Prada and Roll Over in Milan, Italy, Joanne Metni returned to her hometown of Lebanon where she's stacked up over 5 years of impressive experience as an interior architect at the large-scale consultancy firm, Dar al Hadassah.

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Joanne has been involved in the design, concepting, development, and construction of large- and small-scale projects, currently overseeing the Katara Twin Towers project in Qatar, an iconic building, consisting of 2 hotels - a 5 Star and 6 Star hotel each. Of course, our Joanne is on the 6 star property.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite or a little treat when you’re on the go in Beirut?

Funny thing is, I don’t normally go for a quick bite in Beirut, as my working hours used to be quite long. So what I do is go for a quick drink, and have my quick bite ! And guess what, it’s called Torino Express ! Can’t stay away from Italy, so it seems.

What do you get there?

I always get a toasted Salami Gouda Sandwich (that comes in pain Demi) with a side of Dijon mustard, cucumbers and the yummiest Lebanese green olives.

Why is it so good?

Because it’s just simple and homey, and of course made with love.

When is the best time to go?

Ahhh I love going there around 18:30, as the bar should be quiet, the sun is setting and I have time to get a yummy cocktail with my favorite sandwich.

How did you find this place?

I was stuck in traffic one day, and I really needed to go to the bathroom, so I just parked my car in the first spot I saw and ran to that place. The neon light at the window caught my eye, and I said to myself this is it! Ended up having 2 shots of tequila and the sandwich, while waiting for traffic to get better.



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