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SOCIAL BITE | Sumi Saiboub...loves Tramezzino.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Sumi Saiboub ( سمية ) or better known by her Instagram handle, coveredinlayers, is one of the new gen breakout sensations in the Italian digital world. From Modena, Italy, Sumi in on her way to building an empire that started with a simple desire to see more fashion on social media from girls who, like her, wear a hijab or are into modest fashion.

Instagram: coveredinlayers | TikTok: coveredinlayers

Still throwing down looks on the 'Gram, she has recently added to her current work as a contributing journalist for I.D. magazine and Diversity Consultant for corporate and government organizations. Sumi can now count Head of Content for and the Piazza Group on her resume, creating and directing editorial and informational content that gives a platform and voice to second-generation, non-white Italians.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite (boccone) or a little treat when you’re on the go?

It's hard to pick. The cool thing about living in Italy is that most places that serve food have great options. So let me give you my top 3 in Modena, my home town:

Al Tramezzino, Balzac Bistrot & Uva D'Oro.

What do you get there?

I'll give details about the first one, Al Tramezzino. It's a takeaway place, except for a few stools by a window that face the main square. I usually get a sandwich or a square piece of pizza.

Why is it so good?

They have a lot of options, in terms of types of bread for the sandwich, size even, the fillings are all pretty healthy and the prices are great.

When is the best time to go?

I'd say before noon or after 2PM.

How did you find this place?

It's at a corner of the main square 'Piazza grande' so it's impossible to miss.

Via Castellaro, 55

41121 Modena MO


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