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Tea for Two: Sieger by Fuerstenberg Ca' d'Oro Collection

Updated: Aug 23

Under a legacy of perfectionism, porcelain, and joie de vivre, two brands unite under one brand name, "Sieger by Fuerstenberg", to create a modern, yet timeless porcelain collection.

Fuerstenberg Porcelain Works was founded in the year 1747 in Fuerstenberg an der Weser and they've been a heritage porcelain manufacturing house, still operating on its original site after 250 years..

Popular amongst collectors and aficionados alike, two darlings Fuerstenberg and Sieger, another German brand, unite to create delicate and precious serving pieces for tea, coffee, and the dinner table. Sieger was established in Harkotten Castle ran by original proprietors, Michael & Christian Sieger.


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