#Streetcheffing In Barcelona With Andrew Sutton

Updated: May 18

City Girl hits the windy, brick streets of Barcelona with pastry protege Andrew Sutton (@noideazurich), to introduce him to some of the top chefs in town.

Who knew Instagram could be so sweet?

Self-professed "mad scientist" and contributor to Annabelle magazine, Andrew Sutton (@a.dessertbar) decided to leave chilly London for an inspirational camino en ciudad with me in balmy Barcelona to discuss ideas and see some potential pastry pop-up spots, basically some off-duty #streetcheffing.

We wandered the city, stopping into three places over two days.

Our first stop at Balaguer had us thinking about flavors and textures. The second place, Hetta restaurant to visit Chef Olof, showed us some creative methods and preparations, then the morning after we stopped in to meet the famous pastry chef and instructor, Jordi Butrón of Espai Sucre, a pastry school and all dessert restaurant, giving us ideas for what is possible.

Andrew doesn't call himself a pastry chef but he loves the science of sweets. Doing pop-up collaborations with restaurants and brands he's figuring out how people taste in the way that they do and even more, they psychology of why.

...he's figuring out how people taste in the way that they do and even more, the psychology of why.


Never underestimate the importance of wandering. Before you solidify, identify.

Soaking in the day we stopped for a little gelato and coffee at Balaguer to inspire plans for this future pop-up.

Balaguer has great packaging and every drop of the shop feels like an Instagram indulgence.