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Zodiac Signs As Drinks

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Ever wondered about your a beverage? Drinks for every zodiac sign.


Aries doesn't have time to waste making complicated drinks, he just wants to enjoy the party! Beer is the ideal drink for this sign that is up for anything with zero frills.

TAURUS: Whiskey

Taurus knows what's good in life, and doesn't care much for trends - why take a risk, if they already know what they like?'. Whiskey is the drink that represents this sign that has good taste that only gets better with time!

GEMINI: Aperol Spritz

The official drink of the Italian aperitivo, the aperol spritz is the drink that best represents the lively Geminis. Sweet and fun, it goes from the beach side to the happy hour - adaptable! Plus, the colors will look great on the Instagram feed - Geminis love to share what they’re up to.

CANCER: Sangria

Careful Cancerians know it's important not to drink on an empty stomach, which is why Spanish Sangria is the perfect drink for this sign! It is also the ideal drink for the summer, a season ruled by Cancer.

LEO: Champagne

Leos aren't afraid to show up and love everything that's exclusive, so champagne is the perfect drink for them. Bubbly and luxurious, they’re mandatory at every good party!

VIRGO: Gin & Tonic

For Virgos, the key is in the details! The ideal drink for these zodiac perfectionists is the gin and tonic - the combination is nothing new, but the ingredients make all the difference.

LIBRA: Mimosa

For these social butterflies, Mimosas are the perfect drink. Sweet but balanced, it's ideal for keeping up with Libra's busy schedule.

SCORPIO: Manhattan

Scorpios tend to like intense flavors, and have unusual preferences. Manhattan is the ideal drink for this sign - strong with no pretension .


There's no party without a Sagittarius, and the drink that best represents that energy is tequila. Not much preparation is required, but the fun is guaranteed.


Capricorns don’t follow every trend, but they are very aware of what is going on. Negroni is the perfect drink for this sign - everybody is talking about it lately, but it takes a certain taste to really appreciate it.


Aquarians love to learn about new things, and they tend to have different tastes than most people. The Greek Ouzo is perfect for the sign; few people know it, and it has a distinctive flavor - either you love it or you hate it.

PISCES: Caipirinha

For intense Pisces people, caipirinha is the perfect drink. Sweet but - make no mistake - strong, it is the combination that best defines this emotional but resilient sign.


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