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How to Plan a Foodie Vacation

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Eat, travel, and experience. Traveling for the purpose of trying new cuisines is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and get an experience at different levels. No matter your budget or your actual reason for travel, you can enrich your experience abroad in simple and authentic ways by making culinary stops along the road. It’s easy to eat and travel since it’s something also necessary no matter where we are.

Go for "Food Cities", look to the experts

Food cities are always welcoming to tourists who travel to eat. If you do your research and watch for a bit, travel blogs can be a great option to find suggestions for the best places to eat and travel. Social media and the web have made almost anything we want to know available at our fingertips, which includes personal experiences, reviews in context, photographs, and explanations of where to dine away from home. It was this kind of content that was keeping our imaginations alive during lockdown. Now you can experience it for yourself. Look to your favorite writers, chefs, journalists, photojournalists, and bloggers to get unique points of view for food travel categories like the best cocktails on the beach, how to dine on a budget, where the glitterati eat, and highlights of local specialties in cities around the world.

Travel as a content creator.

If you also like the idea of getting paid to eat and travel you might want to consider becoming a travel blogger or content creator. Content is king for brands and consumers always looking for more to consume. There are endless ways to present ideas for eating and traveling and innovation has never been more welcome. Don't expect returns right off the bat but with consistent effort, a unique point of view, experience, and the right tools you can eventually capture the attention of viewers, hungry for inspirational and useful high-quality content.

An internet connection, a keyboard and a camera is a great place to start but knowing how to edit and how to properly write is also essential to growing a travel blog or content business into a profitable venture. High quality content that is engaging and available via multiple platforms is the way to reach the most people, especially the ones that are already looking for you.

Go where the locals do.

There are many ways to eat and travel of course, without having to work. In Italy, a popular way to explore new regions and what they have to offer is to visit or stay at an agriturismo for a local taste. A special type of business and license in Italy, an agriturismo is a working farm or vineyard that may have a restaurant and guest accommodations on the premises, that serves products made or grown on site. Not a regular restaurant, access may be restricted to certain times or days as the law allows while guests are able to enjoy amenities, like guided tours, pools and lounging, and even cooking classes at some locations.

Any culinary experience while traveling is still an experience.

The world slowly reopens and once again there are dripping images of avo toast over Bali sunsets, shadows of travelers swinging from hammocks, style stars taking back the streets, and storybook trips to Tuscany. We can almost taste the adventure.

No matter where you go or dream to be, those espressos at the Autogrill, off the freeway in Italy, those diners stops on road trips in the US, the street food in Peru, or the finest Michelin restaurant in Shanghai are all ways to eat and travel that are equally grounding and valid. From the city to the country, remember to enjoy every moment, no matter how big or small the bite.


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