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Food Cities For Those Who Travel To Eat

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Some people travel to find themselves, some people travel to eat. In both cases they often find themselves in food cities. Often big international cities are also a melting pot for both exceptional and domestic cuisine, bringing together a unique mix of cultures and flavors. By no coincidence a food city is also going to be full of celebrity chefs, either born there or drawn there for the alluring food scene.

Food Cities Set Trends.

Some famous food cities like Paris, Rome, and New York, and Tokyo can be hubs for great eating and networking in the food industry but in reality some of the best places are often outside major metropolitan areas. London, though historically not known as a food city, has more than claimed its place on the list. Other cities like Mumbai, India, Melbourne, Australia, Seoul S. Korea, Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon, Atlanta, Georgia and others in the USA just to name a few, are world renowned foodie hotspots and are often also the birthplace of many trends that eventually make their way to bigger or international cities.

Use A Travel Guide Or Create Your Own.

Entire guides have been created and there is no end to how many food travel blogs exist on the planet to direct readers on where the dining is finest around the world. Depending on what you prefer and how experimental you’re willing to be, each city has a particular culinary DNA that has something unique to offer. From Bangkok, Thailand to Lima, Peru there are unlimited ways to see and taste the city. Whether a Michelin starred evening or a street lamp lit walk along the night markets and food stalls is what you’re craving, a food city is known as such because of the variation, authenticity and quality.

Social Media Is Driving Food City Travel.

Now with the ease of access to information, chefs that were household names in their own cities have become globally recognized and bring hungry travelers from around the world who’ve followed their favorite chef or restaurant on social media or Netflix. Sometimes it’s not a chef or cuisine but legendary foods or dishes or ingredients that have intrigued outsiders. In social media, foods are some of the top posts to go viral.

It’s no coincidence that food cities are also full of artists and dreamers. Where there is good food there is substance, and where there is substance you will find people who have it or people looking for it.


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