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Mercury Is Officially in Retrograde: How This Affects Your Sign.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The great challenge of retrograde transits is that they indicate periods of contraction. We are always expanding and contracting, as the Universe does. In this period we are contracting, and invited to turn inward. It's time to reassess the activities of a certain planet, in this case, the planet Mercury, from the perspective of the sign it is transiting, which is Libra. This transit usually indicates delays in growth and expansion.

From 27/09, until 17/10, Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas, and movement, is in retrograde, this time in the harmonic sign of Libra. Far from being a rare transit, Mercury enters a retrograde movement 3 times a year. Its effects are often felt strongly, making its presence known, as it deals with so many aspects of everyday life. Contracts, negotiations, travel, learning: everything is governed by this planet that is closest to the Sun, and these are also the subjects that tend to be challenged by this transit.

In general, Mercury in Libra highlights relationships, but for each sign this will be perceived from a particular point of view. Mercury brings out what needs to be revised or otherwise re-evaluated. Whether it is how you express yourself, how you work with others, or your flexibility, this transit will bring old or repeated situations to the surface to be resolved under the balanced influence of Libra.

To find out what this transit has in store for you, read the predictions below for your Sun, Ascendant and Mercury sign!

ARIES: Relationships are in evidence for Aries, who will be called to realize the effects of their words. It's great to be honest and direct, but there's a lot to learn from Libra’s sensibility and diplomacy to achieve the results you're looking for. To avoid misunderstandings, exercise patience and reflection.


TAURUS: Work and everyday activities will be especially influenced by Mercury retrograde. Taurean habits and routine call for flexibility. Where is there so much rigidity that there is no room left for lightness and fluidity? Group work and situations will bring challenges and opportunities for growth.


GEMINI: For Geminis, the reflection is about where so much has been given to the group that the notion of self is unclear? Past relationship issues may surface to be resolved. Search for the answers within yourself; it's time to listen to yourself and to put other people's opinions aside.


CANCER: This is an especially introspective transit for Cancers, who begin to become aware of emotional processes throughout the year. The possibility of resolution, however, depends on dialogue and understanding. Choose to leave the past behind, and move on taking the best of every experience.


LEO: Projects and ideas from the past can be revisited in other circumstances. Collaboration, one of Leo's great challenges in 2021, will be worked on during the transit through the exchange of ideas. Listen, ask, look for partners for your projects. For those who have siblings, some conflicts may arise - nothing that a good conversation won't solve.


VIRGO: Where are you putting your efforts? Retrograde Mercury urges Virgos to use their resources - whether gifts or money - wisely. Good time to start planning for next year. Avoid unnecessary purchases and, when possible, avoid signing contracts until the end of October, when your goals are better defined.


LIBRA: For Libras, Mercury retrograde asks for self-assessment. How to be more sure of yourself? Relationships are in evidence, but here the Libran balance needs to assess whether it is leaning too far to the other's side and needs. 2021 is bringing renewal in friendship circles; free yourself from patterns that no longer make sense.

SCORPIO: The already intuitive Scorpio is more sensitive to the emotions and energies of others. On one hand, it is a favorable time to exercise empathy, and resolve outstanding relationship issues. But beware of negative and pessimistic people and environments, which can influence your mood and energy. Good time to go back to therapy.


SAGITTARIUS: The year of Sagittarius slows down during this retrograde Mercury, preparing the sign for the final eclipse season in December. A lot of things happened in 2021 and now it's time to pay attention to long-standing relationships. Reunions are on the way, some cycles will be completed. Carry on with your usual lightness and optimism.


CAPRICORN: Balancing personal and professional life is the challenge for Capricorns during this transit. It's also a good time to reassess or set career goals. Some professional cycles will come to a conclusion, but don't worry, something better is coming. Pay attention to contracts and documents signed during the period to avoid errors and future complications.


AQUARIUS: Issues related to documents or justice may call for your attention during transit. It may be something you've thought of doing in the past that comes back into your life as a new opportunity. However, take advantage of the period to make considerations without making immediate decisions, at least until the end of October. Reviewing studies can be favorable for your career, which is in evidence throughout the month of October.


PISCES: The creative and emotional Pisces is called to action. What ideas can bear fruit in the future? Talk to other people - you usually work well in a group - and at your own pace, go on achieving your goals. If you are in a relationship, this is the time to find more balance between the pair, or get out of negative dynamics. For singles, time to work on self-esteem; you deserve much more than you think.


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