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NFT's Get Spicy With Bored Sauce

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

If you’re a hot-sauce-in-your-bag and hotter NFT’s in your portfolio kinda girl (or guy), the spicy Bored Sauce hot sauce is your jam. Inspired by the elite Bored Ape NFT collection, the Bored Ape, formerly called “Bobby Bellhop”, now Bobby Love, is the face of the brand. Dressed in cheetah print from head to toe, with a dark gray bowler hat, red-rimmed heart-shaped sunglasses, and with rainbow suspenders, the digital character has a story and a hot sauce.

The cool, funky ape was said to be a bellhop in New York that left his job to launch a hot sauce business. Bobby Love purportedly loves partying and stylish looks.

The first flavor in the line was what you might expect from a randy ape, a Banana Chipotle hot sauce that is made of a mix of aged red peppers, chipotle peppers, banana peppers, habanero, and a touch of rum.

On Twitter fans and holders of Bored Ape NFTs show their love and the positive sentiment is only heating up.

Making appearances is no problem for this partying primate. In New York, the brand hosts an occasional Bored Bobby's Brunch for around $60 a ticket where lovers of the clever condiment can come together to network and enjoy a peppery Sunday pinch with as much Bored Sauce as they can handle.

The sauces are available in different flavors and levels of heat. In addition to the Banana Chipotle, there is the M1 Habanero, the M2 Reaper, and the most recently released Mega Mutant flavor, available for a limited time.

Recently, it was revealed on Twitter that soon a new flavor will be available. A collaboration with the @GutterCatGang 1988, Bored sauced will feature Gango Mango, a hot sauce is made with mango, red wine vinegar, red bell peppers and other bright ingredients that are meant to channel the unique spice of the tattooed black cat with a red bandana wearing a suit, that appears on the bottle.

This and the other flavors are available on the Bored Sauce website…if you dare.


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