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Pitti Uomo #100: Scarosso Kicks Off With Cocktails.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Florence, Italy welcomed guests and locals to the 100th anniversary of Pitti Uomo that began on the 30th June and ended the 2nd July 2021.

New brands and fresh faces lit up boutiques and hotel terraces across the city, as the world slowly re-awakens. A little like back-to-school, everyone was pleasant, and even a bit excited, to see one another. Familiar faces from the industry greeted each other with cautious embraces and budding curiosity. Classic dandys blended effortlessly with new gen gentlemen at rooftop events over rose' and pinot grigio wine.

Scarosso, Pitti Uomo 100, Hotel Calimala
Scarosso, Pitti Uomo 100, Hotel Calimala

City Girl Cooks was present for the Scarosso event held on Wednesday, the 30th of June at the Hotel Calimala on the Angel Rooftop terrace, where a choice selection of the brand’s handcrafted Italian luxury shoes were on display. In addition to some of the classic mens loafers and sneakers, the limited edition of the Pink As Fuck moccasins, a collaboration with Brian Atwood, was also featured.

A buzzy mix of industry giants, seasoned fashion veterans, and new personalities blended seamlessly throughout the evening, creating a relaxed atmosphere thanks to expert publicist and casting agent Filippo Bologni who manages Scarosso’s public relations and digital marketing.

Some of the guests in attendance included fashion personalities like Art Director and Stylist Declan Chan (IG: declanchan), fashion influencer and Consultant Andrea Melchiorre (IG: andreamelchiore1), and the internationally renowned Fashion Photographer Adam Katz Sinding (IG: aks), (not shown).

Filippo Bologni; Melissa Lupo
Andrea Morelli, Architect; Melissa Lupo

Photos by: Mykeala Chowritmootoo


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