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Food is in Fashion.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Food in fashion is definitely trending as inspiration, with models sashaying down the runway as cupcakes, dressed as canned soup, and sometimes literally covered in carved chocolate creations. But we're not talking about throwing food on a model but the role food plays fashion today. Brands are finding new ways to express themselves through new culinary experiences. Food is being used in fashion as a way to continue the brands story, giving them an experience, taking into account not only their customers values but also their visceral preferences.


So what does a Prada man or woman eat, and what are they wearing for the occasion? Fashion brands have assured that no matter what season or combination of pieces, their essence is preserved. Cafes and restaurants become like movie sets with custom wallpaper, furniture, and art. Menus take into account the brands heritage and that of their clients.


Food has its own personality. It can be elegant, delicate, rustic, technical, worldly, traditional, and even ironic. Connecting to the spirit of a particular cuisine, food in fashion has become an intentional, and a crucial part of a brands strategy and has pushed the culinary industry to expand their imaginations.


Prada has Marchesi in Milan and Giorgio Armani has opened 17 restaurants and cafes around the world ensuring that no matter where you are, you can always slip into Giorgio’s luscious lair. The food is just as sophisticated, with each ingredient hand-picked as if it were precisely tailored suit. A rise in international fashion models also working as chefs, are translating their personal identity and moods, into the dishes they make.


As fashion is being forced to reflect on many facets of their business, brands must revisit the values on which the company was built, and find ways to evolve with their clients. Technology has increased the possibility for market share but has also decreased a brands opportunity to express themselves through an experience, but food concepts are diverse, and open new ways to connect with clients.



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