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SOCIAL BITE | Declan Eytan...loves Tre Marie

Updated: Feb 10

A full time fashion journalist for Vogue, GQ and Forbes, Declan Eytan is making waves, quickly becoming one of the most prolific fashion writers on the scene. An informative and playful voice in his columns also defines his personal style, making him one of the most notorious faces in Milan.

Where is your favorite place for a quick bite/spuntino or a little indulgence on the go? Tre Marie on Milan's Viale Piave.

What do you get there? It depends, as they regularly change the menu. I can opt for anything from a risotto to lasagne, depending on my mood. I'm flexible when it comes to Italian food; you can't go wrong.

Why is it so good? I like how they kick it old school with the interior and aren't trying to be cool or anything. Then the crowd is the perfect mix between fashion industry professionals on a lunch break and elders who live in the nearby area. I've conducted many GQ interviews here.

When is the best time to go? Around lunchtime I guess. The kitchen isn't open all day, which is so Italian..

How did you find this place? Through an old frenemy. It was love at first bite.


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