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SOCIAL BITE: Ella Bottom Rouge...likes Geko Gelateria.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Burlesque performer, teacher, producer and general woman-on-the-move Ella Bottom Rouge, let City Girl Cooks have a peek into where she likes to snack around Milan.

One of the most important figures and activists in the local LGBTQIA+ community, Ms. Bottom Rouge has, in a short time, channeled the energy she is known for by launching several initiatives and events in Milan that support her community. Wet The Show and Drama Milano, two of her ongoing high-octane events, are known and attended throughout the fashion, music, and creative communities. Besides gracing the April 2021 cover of Frisson magazine, Ms. Bottom Rouge also announced that month, a new project co-founded with her partner GioisGio, called Out and Proud, a communications and merchandise brand that encourages confidence, pride, and diffusion of information by and for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Ella Bottom Rouge, Frisson Magazine, April 2021

Aside from her work Ms. Bottom Rouge’s typical mediterranean style calls on her Sicilian roots, especially when it comes to where she likes to grab a bite on the go. Not surprisingly, it’s (almost) as sweet as she is.

1. Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite (boccone) or a little treat when you’re on the go, in your city?

Without a doubt, it’s the Gelateria Geko, in piazza Morbegno. I’m going to be dead boring - but I am Sicilian “D.O.C.” and I can’t live without gelato at least three times a week! It’s not easy to find in Milan. It has to have that authentic taste, that fresh and soft consistency, and the wafer has to be crispy - like the best Sicialian gelati!!

2. What do you get there?

I’m a fan of fruit flavors! My favorites are strawberry, mango, and they do a lemon and basil that’s crazy good. But I’ve got to tell you that the salted caramel and the crema antica flavors are their strong points! If I’m super hungry I get the “brioche con il tuppo”, the mark of a true Sicilian.

3. Why is it so good?

Apart from the quality, the seasonal flavors and the incredible amount of vegan options are incredible. The vegan-must have: dark chocolate.

4. When is the best time to go?

Sunday morning since it’s my chill day, hanging with family and my love. You could even do a late breakfast with their delicious muffins seated outdoors at their cute tables. You can get some sun or choose the shade under one of their gigantic umbrellas. To finish off - if you’re going to lunch with your relatives, the gelato cakes to go are an absolute must!

5. How did you find this place?

I live close, how lucky am I?


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