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SOCIAL BITE | Bekka (Bex) Gunther...loves Gelsomina.

Updated: Feb 10

Besides being one of the top photographers and directors in fashion, working between Milan, Italy and Los Angeles, the San Francisco, California native is also a stunner herself, blending in with the models she shoots.

She counts among her current and past clients, Sony, Lucky Brand, Buffalo Jeans, True Religion, Calzedonia, ELLE Mexico, Grazia Italy, Paper, Bullet mag, and many others. In a sea of creators Bekka Gunther stands out for her unique and vivid shots and for her vocal stance on human rights. While she accepts sponsorships from brands she believes in, she doesn't consider herself an influencer, staying focused on her passion for directing and photography and on her role as co-founder for Noi [us], a movement that she founded with her wife, Denise Santoro, that supports women, LGBTQ, POC and Afro-Italians in Italy through community and open conversation.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite (boccone) or a little treat when you’re on the go?

My favorite place is Gelsomina on Via Galvano Fiamma.

What do you get there?

I order the savory croissant sandwiches, the mini pizzas, and if I'm there for a sweet treat, a maritozzo.

Why is it so good?

I really love the people who work there, my wife and I have made friends with the baristas, so I go as much for the food as for the banter.

When is the best time to go?

We go every weekend morning around 9am, before the lines get too long. Also, I love meeting friends around 15:00 for an espresso and something sweet.

How did you find this place?

I stumbled upon it in while walking our dog! I first entered because the decor was so beautiful, and then the food and great service turned it into a go-to.


Via Carlo Tenca, 5

20124 Milano MI


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