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SOCIAL BITE | SINGAPORE: Vinesh Nagrani (Vinny Sharp)...likes Hokkien Mee.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Filmmaker and former cast member of “Singapore Social” on Netflix, Singaporean Vinesh Nagrani, also known as “Vinny Sharp” is known best for asking the difficult questions, expressed through his preferred style of filmmaking, unscripted documentaries.

A photographer, filmmaker, digital creator, Netflix reality star and sometimes writer, Vinny admits his prose may go long, but the subjects he tackles in prudent Singapore, go right to the point.

Named one of the most promising YouTubers in Singapore in 2018 by Esquire, Vinny tackled sensitive issues in his videos like marijuana, legal sex work, lying, and even getting sufficient sleep. Born and raised in Singapore, with an Economics degree from the University of Manchester, and Sindhi roots, Vinny’s world view has been shaped by his international experience giving him a unique perspective that becomes art through his lens.

Ever evolving his creative work, Vinny has just celebrated the launch of his first fragrance, Queen Of Snakes (QOS), accompanied by a video, directed by Nagrani, that represents the visual story of the fragrance and the journey of its conception.

In the Fall, Vinny heads to Milan, arriving before the start of fashion week. But before landing to Italy's fashion capital, City Girl caught up with Nagrani to ask where this guy-on-the go likes to snack in Singapore.

WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM vinesh_nagrani | YOUTUBE: vinnysharp

1. Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite on-the-go, in your city?

It’s never really a quick bite with me. Every indulgence is a massacre. Gluttony over tofu, cashews and unprotected sex. In all honesty, the street hawkers in SG are a go to for me. But if I was in the mood to get down and dirty - quick - I’m afraid the winner is going to have to go to the notorious Hokkien Mee.

2. What do you get there?

You get a wide array of all sorts of cuisines imported from South East Asia. Wide repertoire of flavours across a myriad of stalls.

3. Why is it so good?

Can’t go wrong when its base is the all-universally-embraced carbs (noodles). Chilli as eclectic as Bobby Brown and prawns the size of Myanmar. Three sources of infinite happiness. Yalla.

4. When is the best time to go?

As and when your heart yearns. But sure these stalls may sometimes sport a queue duration of up to 15 minutes-ish. Either way, it's worth it at any time of the day. When the craving is real. Satiate it. Life is short. Unless of course you work in HR.

5. How did you find this place?

Grown up and lived around this area (the East) all my life.


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