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SOCIAL BITE | Fiammetta De Michele...loves Nobile

Updated: Feb 10

Brilliant contemporary artist and style icon, the founder of DOGMA (, Fiammetta De Michele, lives up to her name. Fiammetta or "little flame" in Italian, sets fire to the curiosity of everyone who knows her in Milan, with a taste for vintage fashion and stunning art pieces that make everyone's heart skip a beat.

Where is your favorite place for a quick bite/spuntino or a little indulgence? Nobile, Corso Venezia. An original milanese spot.

What do you get there? They have an Italian classic menu for lunch and dinner. Then they also have french Croc, different sandwiches and incredible cakes to snack on at every hour of the day!

Why is it so good? Claudio Sadler, an Italian 2 Michelin star chef created the menu. The atmosphere is chilled and relaxed, everybody is extra polite, and there’s a courtyard for the summer. The service is fast and you can always find a place.

When is the best time to go? The best time to go is at tea time, they have homemade pasties but I also love aperitivo there, they serve a fantastic bloody Mary and a yummy appetizer.

How did you find this place? It’s not far from where i work and it created quite a buzz when it opened.




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