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SOCIAL BITE | Svetlana Shashkova...loves Milk Bar in Kiev

Updated: Feb 10

International model, lifestyle blogger and fashionable girl-next-door from Kiev tells us her favorite locale for a leisurely bite in her home city

International model and lifestyle blogger, Svetlana Shashkova is from Kiev, Ukraine but lives in Milan keeping up with fashion events and traveling to exotic locales, giving us a peek of her fashionable life through her blog, Hungry Faces. When she jets back to her hometown to catch up with friends. Now Shashkova reveals her go-to spot to meet friends for an easy bite in Kiev, Ukraine.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite or a little snack on the go in Kiev?

When I'm back in my hometown Kiev, I normally visit a couple of places like, Life of Outstanding People, Honey, Milk Bar.

What do you get there? Normally I'm going for ginger tea and some eggs or sirniki (a typical eastern european breakfast meal made with cheese). Honey is the most famous in town for pastry and also for eclairs. You have to try the caramel with salt - it tastes like heaven!!! As well is good for lunch or dinner .

Why is it so good? I love atmosphere of the place because you can go there literally in your pajamas.

Normally the place is about the people who are visiting, this one is about this too but also the friendly service and modern interior design. Even if you go alone you can meet someone at one of the shared tables, another great extra.

When is the best time to go? Milk bar is the most famous place to go on weekends. They serve a huge variety of breakfast and brunch the whole day long.

How did you find this place? Through friends - I believe that the most beautiful places and people in life are those we get to know through friends. This place is evergreen in the sense it's just as suited for breakfast as it is for lunch, drinks or dinner.


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