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SOCIAL BITE | Tizzy Beck...loves Rebelot

Updated: Feb 10

This charming, blond New Yorker has found her spot on the canals of the Navigli in Milan, Italy with her restaurant Tizzy's NY Bar & Grill. An unbeatable location and an authentic New York style burger menu makes the spot popular with the music and fashion circuit.

Where is your favorite place for a quick bite/spuntino or a little indulgence on the go? Rebelot

What do you get there? The gazpacho is on another level, and when the octopus is on the menu, I take that. Last time I had it he paired it with cream of chickpeas. Divine.

Why is it so good? What the chef Mauricio Zillo does with vegetables is incredible. The plates are small so I like to order a lot.

When is the best time to go? My favorite time to go is on Sunday at about 19:00. For me it's perfect because I'm exhausted from working brunch. At that time it's right before the dinner crowd and the chef and staff are fresh.

How did you find this place? It's right across the street from Tizzy's.


REBELOT Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55, 20143 Milano Tel: 02 8419 4720

TIZZY'S Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 46 20144, Milano Tel: +39 02 58118227


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