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THEMOIRe Sets The Bar: Reduces Waste, Makes It Fashion.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We all want fashion that’s good for the planet and cute, but is that possible? Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo, Founders of THEMOIRe think so. The brand designs a line of bags and shoes with a perspective that accepts the realistic side of fashion and asks: how can we make the least impact possible?

Ethically and environmentally responsible, it’s not only the materials but also the concepts that keep sustainability in mind. THEMOIRe chooses classic shapes that by design, remain elegant through time, in the hopes to increase the overall lifespan of the product.

When launched in 2019, Founders Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo had already been recognized for their talent in 2015 at the Vogue Talents awards as Emerging Designers and were even given a Vegan Fashion Award by PETA with Marie von den Benken quoting THEMOIRe as their favorite brand.

With a global perspective that includes being up-close with producers, Bicheranloo has made frequent trips over the years to China and around the world to enrich relationships and expand his knowledge of production processes, textiles, and materials. From these experiences THEMOIRe was manifested as a concept that uses 5 main materials, both recycled and natural.

The creative inspiration behind the designs of the shoes and bags is a composition of geometric shapes seen in the 50’s and 60’s, emphasis on volume, and a certain familiarity while staying contemporary.

As the brand looks to reduce their overall impact as much as possible, the 5 main materials THEMOIRe uses in their designs are:

  • Cork

  • Raffia

  • Hemp

  • Bamboo fibers

  • Organic Cotton

Other recycled materials used are eco-fabric made from cruelty-free, recycled polyester, recycled Tetra pak from food boxes, and recycled aluminum, while the interior linings are all made with 100% recycled PET materials procured mainly from plastic bottles.

Relieving stress from the production pipeline as well as our collective stress over the state of the planet, the creative duo has also come through with unique and accessible aesthetics. Designs that could work as well for a fashionista as much they would for a smart-dressing corporate lifestyle, there’s a clear mark of an informed designer with international experience and natural intuition.

THEMOIRe as a brand looks to be synonymous with a movement and the communities that are actively seeking out opportunities to improve the fashion system.

As the great entrepreneur and first female, Black millionaire CJ Walker once said ”Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

In this same spirit, Monaco and Bicheranloo have taken their industry knowledge to create a concept that seeks to set an example and offer a framework for what is possible in fashion. In addition to a bag and shoes line, THEMOIRe collaborates whenever possible with social and environmental organizations like WeWorld Onlus, Cantaro Azul Fundaction, Giraffa Onlus, Maya Kotan, and the Avoko Association that support and make change. During design week in April 2023, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, the brand along with Perimetro presented OurRoots a talk series that supported TreeNation, in honor of Earth Day

TOGETHER another initiative by THEMOIRe, is a series of projects that looks to create a dialogue between artisans at all touchpoints of the process, connected by shared values. With an emphasis on artisans living in vulnerable communities, the brand seeks to support the preservation of traditions and culture.

With it's unique design concepts, and a focus on community and the environment, THEMOIRe is a brand to watch and feel good about.



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