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Trending: The Raindrop Cake

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Make your mouth water with a unique cake that doesn't just bounce back when it's done, it jiggles.

What is a raindrop cake? For chef Darren Wong, it's a way to give diners a chance to taste the rain. The shape, the name, the texture, and even the way it’s served, are a burst of freshness made with a mix of water, agar agar, and a touch of molasses made often with a combination of roasted soybean flour (kinako) and the sugary syrup kuromitsu that is used to make this transparent jelly dessert dome.

Since the raindrop cake made its appearance in Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, NY, it has become the definition of cool fuel. From the 1st of April a new variation will debut to delight its fans, devoted to the deviant dessert: the purple raindrop cake. Made with ube or purple yam, a tuberous vegetable root of a vivid violet, the tinted treat is set to become the hottest dessert on social media this spring. So stick out your tongue and taste the raindrop cake.


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By Raffaella Pietropaolo, contributor


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