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Wine, Can.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Wine in a can is no longer kitch, it's what you bring on a picnic. The revolution of how wine can be served and enjoyed, has been canned.

A new school of winemakers is giving us a chance to get tipsy without the anxiety of broken glass. Besides the safety issue, also the fact that it's so portable is part of its appeal.

Not just a couple brands but an explosion of wine-makers offering canned wine have sprouted up over the last couple of years. While portable beverages are not a new concept, the realm of wine has always brought with it a different set of drinkers.

Smart branding, new technology, and an open-minded approach has catapulted young wine entrepreneurs into creating another market entirely, even catching the curiosity of seasoned sommeliers.

There is a sea of options but the stand-outs are pretty clear.

Underwood from Oregon in the United States was one of the first-comers to make a splash in wine but others have quickly followed suit.

Alloy Wine Works is from California and one of the most prolific brands, with excellent reviews on taste.

Another darling in the canned wine world, is Lubanzi from South Africa. A hot spot for incredible wines, it's no surprise to see South Africa at the top of the list.

While taste is important, so is fun. While reviews are mixed on these next can-didates some are actually decent wines that just happen to have a killer marketing team.

Babe wine is a stand-out, having been a smash hit helmed by Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jewish on Instagram.

There are countless canned wines being produced around the world. From France to Canada to Australia, everyone is getting in on the game. While there's only enough time to list our favorites we'll end with the final two wines that seem to be battling a war as old as time: She Can and ManCan, offered in white wine and red wine blends, sauvignon blanc, and rose'. I supposed when you get these two together, anything can happen.


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