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BULLDOG Gin Event Milan | #BulldogBoldNights 2023

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Here's a quick recap of one of the recently most-attended parties in Milan, put on by Bulldog Gin Italy, the #BulldogBoldNights event.

The evening took place outside the center of town in a well-known spot that's usually home to the upscale second-hand market, East Market Milano on weekends.

A full Bulldog Gin bar took center stage in the enormous space, lit up with laser thin streams of soft blue and white light. Behind the bar the DJ booth crowned the space that continued to fill up throughout the night.

After being away from Milan for so long, coupled with the Covid shutdown, there is a significant difference that can be felt in the air with the new generation of fashionistas, artists, and creatives that now dominate Milan's coolest "seratas". Contrary to previous generations, Gen Z's aren't that interested in alcohol in order to have fun. Being at a liquor brand sponsored event the shift was the last place I would have thought to see this new social development actually happening in front of me.

Make no mistake, the bar was crowded as usual and wait times hadn't changed, but the people lining up were a mix of generations while on the dance floor, partygoers enjoyed the music, socialized and went out for smoke breaks - as one does - without being sloppy.

Bulldog Italia seemed to have already taken into account their new customers more discerning taste and offered a small but curated drink list. Instead of the usual Gin pairings offered in party settings, the options were well-thought out and each drink well-crafted, despite the crowd.

Photographer Riccardo Perdisa from CGC Studios captured some of our favorite personalities of the night even though there were so many more we hope to get next time.


Thomas Asueni, Demilade Oyenekan, Lucas Possiede, Declan Eytan, Ikram Kabiri, Isabella Franchi, Mattia Renesto, Alessandro Pellegrino, Valentina Siragusa, Amina Ladymya, Javier Darder, Melissa Lupo, Victoria Celine Polidori

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