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Design Week Milan 2023: The "It Girl" of Artisanal Porcelain, Bitossi Home, Opens First Boutique

Updated: Apr 26

Milan Design Week has come and gone again. This year, a noticeable excitement and fresh energy is present in the air as international visitors return to the event, and brand and designer concepts signal a creative renaissance.

This year, on June 6th, 2022, the artisanal ceramic dishware brand, Bitossi Home opened its first ever boutique in Milan on Via Santa Marta 19, and here, visitors will find that the table is always set.

If you've ever dreamt of getting that influencer tabletop shot with all the pretty plates, Bitossi Home is the brand to make your foodie photo fantasies come true. The "It Girl" brand of ceramic dishware and curated vintage tabletop that has been winning hearts for years in Milan, opens their first ever boutique IRL during Design Week Milan 2022. The brand welcomes visitors to a whimsical spot, nestled in the heart of the city, in the design-centric Cinque Vie quarter.

The warm and cheery boutique feels like stepping into an elegant, yet inviting dining room. The brand's bright, signature ceramics adorn the wall, fill a long table that centers the room, and are dispersed through the built-in, floor to ceiling shelves anchoring the space.

Bitossi inaugurated the opening with an event for Milan Design Week 2022, and a collection called La Tavola Scomposta meaning, “The Decomposed Table”.

The theme can be tied to both the theoretical break-down of “Italian table culture”, and also the practical action of “breaking down” or clearing the table, as it is referred to in the culinary world.

A perfect setting to inspire an Italian sense of dinnertime intimacy, Bitossi Home resonates with the slow living movement, of which the Italians can claim to be masters and inventors. An antidote to the frenetic pace of modern life, Bitossi’s contemporary approach to the art of table setting incorporates the concept of design living, and the Italian table culture that promotes sharing, slowing down, and appreciation - ethos that are becoming more of a rarity in our busy tech-filled lives.

The brand takes a collaborative design approach having commissioned popular and dynamic designers like Nathalie Lete, Paula Cademartori, Aitch, Monica Forsberg, Gentucca Bini, Not For Sale, and La Tigre. A nod to retro design is woven throughout the collections, reminiscent of the past but with its own visual language that combines shapes, styles, and textures that encourage breaking patterns while staying connected to traditions.

Dubbed The Emporium, visitors will also find vintage and curated pieces that align with the spirit of the brand and that accompanies the Tavola Scomposta collection.

To celebrate the arrival of Bitossi home during Milan Design Week, a special edition of plates, named Ciao Milano, are being made exclusively available at the Milan store for €20 each.

The new Bitossi Home store offers visitors an experience that encourages dialogue, and seeks to become a versatile hub that invites young designers to propose creative collaborations, social dinners, and to rekindle the art of setting the table, reminding us of the joy and value of coming together.


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