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"Old Money" Is New Again While Cottage Core Keeps Growing

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

What’s old is new again and on TikTok, the hot, new old trend is the #oldmoney aesthetic.

You may or may not have heard of the #oldmoney aesthetic and fashion trend making its rounds on social media in the past couple of months. The style channels a more reserved tone and is also emblematic in a greater sense, of how the luxury fashion model is changing, serving aspirational content desired mainly by the Millennial and Z generations.

Referring to a person with inherited wealth, the term old money was used often along with the term WASP or White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The aesthetic is meant to be understated and made up of or at least resemble classic designer pieces. Legacy items that are iconic to the brand are generally favored over logo-covered pieces other than maybe a discreet brand icon or pattern like Lacoste, Chanel, or Goyard, functioning as a type of visual code to recognize who “truly belongs.”

Side by side style comparisons help to define the #OldMoney genre even further.

A close sister to the old money aesthetic is the #CottageCore aesthetic which is a more pastoral interpretation of affluence. Inherent in the conversation about inherited wealth is the obvious question of to whom this applies.

If you type in #oldmoney or #oldmoneyaesthetic into TikTok you’ll be flooded by a mix of images that almost verge on a sort of knitted sweater vest and ankle sock cosplay. On TikTok the images are mostly white influencers while on Instagram the hashtag, already up to 187k posts, is almost completely white and female.

Cottage Core disruptors and leaders.

It's impossible to talk about cottage core without mentioning one of the leaders defining the cottage core style, Paula Sutton from Hill House known as @hillhousevintage on Instagram with more than 512k followers on Instagram. Also an author, the entrepreneur also has her own successful YouTube channel and was recently featured on CBS News in the United States and in the UK.

A hashtag search of the cottage core aesthetic that has already been around for a couple of years will also bring more interesting and varied results like #BlackCottageCore that not only brings a unique and disruptive perspective but has become an inspirational community, even sparking conversations about generational wealth and history, while defining the future.

Some of the leaders of the Black cottage core style include Assata Dela Cruz @cottagecorerising with more than 67.2k followers on Instagram and Cottage Core Black Folks or CCBF known as @cottagecoreblackfolks with more than 17.3k followers on Instagram, founded by Noemie Serieux.

The CCBF brand quotes the honorable, Maya Angelou, giving considerable meaning to the style that is much more than fashion: "The Ache for home lives in all of us,"

Style Reference for Old Money and Cottage Core.

For reference, we’ve collected some images that demonstrate style features for achieving the old money and cottage core aesthetic with contributions by Stylist Camila Salles.

Some of the key looks include white ankle-high or knee socks with a loafer, usually with an ankle-length fitted or wide-leg jean, topped with a crisp white shirt, v-neck Gucci sweater vests or a blazer. Another look, with American and European cross-overs is a nautical style, often with boat shoes, chinos, Ralph Lauren polo shirts or Lacoste for example. Cottage core results in more flow-y and light fabrics, almost reflecting the lightness of the serene countryside lifestyle of the rich.

Even perfumes play an important part in the overall look, activating every sense. Do you smell rich?

via TikTok: perfumejoy old money aesthetic
via TikTok: perfumejoy


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